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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Down the Rabbit Hole of Research, Part 3. Gabrielle Anwar's New Family Goes Mad Hatter.

So--To recap:

Gabrielle Anwar, brilliant actress from The Tudors, Burn Notice and other works,

recently married Shareef (Mark) Malnik,

whose father is Alvin Ira (Al) Malnik,        
who, pardon my snark,  looks like he's had enough facelifts that his earlobes need suspenders.

Alvin, 82, has ten kids, ranging from Shareef, who has a law degree and runs a nightclub called The Forge, through the children Al has with his second wife, Nancy: triplets, a singleton and twins.

Then, Michael Jackson comes into the picture, and things go Madder than Mad Hatter.  

Much like with the earlier Sheik, Al Malnik becomes indispensable to Mr. Jackson. He manages his finances, the two families become friends, the children--Michael Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Jackson, and Prince Michael (Blanket) Jackson--become friends with Al's younger set of kids: triplets Spencer, (female) Jarod and Nathan, 15, Jesse, 9, and twins Noah and Sterling, 8. Malnik parties with Jackson, and is supposedly named guardian for Mr. Jackson's children in the event of Jackson's death.

Jackson's three children were born to Debbie Rowe, Jackson's then wife, and an unnamed surrogate, who gave birth to Blanket. Rowe has since claimed that her marriage to Jackson was never consummated, and that her children were conceived via an unnamed sperm donor, not Jackson. Al Malnik said, after Mr. Jackson's death, that he was the genetic father of Blanket, the third child. "I'm the one who saved Michael from bankruptcy, and in return, he said he would name me executor of his will. I was a father figure to Michael and now I intend to be a father figure to the son who is rightfully mine."

I normally do not pay much attention to gossip except to think, wow, that's a lot of drama. This is the case here as well. After all, if it's true, then
Prince Michael/Blanket/Jackson is Gabrielle Anwar's brother-in-law, and thus uncle by marriage to her children.

Perhaps someday, a mad tea-party will be had by all.

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