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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Guess This Viral Illness!

It's been an exciting week in House Woebegone--not that we're usually woebegone, but this week, the viruses are happier than we are. So-- let's play guess the name of the latest virus! (Or names. It's known by two different ones.) 

One sounds like either a slightly inventive sexual position or a game played by bouncing a small, leather ball off the sides and tops of your feet. The second could almost be a disease that can wipes out herds of livestock. 

This disease does not wipe out herds of livestock, but both names may make you laugh--if you don't have this viral illness. 

This virus mostly affects very little people, but a new strain has crossed the Atlantic, and adults are getting it, too.  And no, as far as I know, none of  us have, so bite your tongue rather than suggest it--except not if you happen to have this viral illness.

Extra points for anyone who can tell us something we don't know, about treatment, duration, etc. Let the game begin!

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