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Monday, August 15, 2016

Whining--It's Such A Productive Sound

Our much loved family, visiting, is one of them. The kids--one in particular, has their father perfectly trained. Loud whining always gets what this young adult wants. 

Now, whining is a tremendously productive sound. It must be instinct to give in to that sound. Nobody wants to hear it, ever, certainly not over and over. Especially not when you're sleep deprived. It can be very hard to avoid being whine-trained when everybody is tired and everybody is hungry and that needle-sharp voice shoots up in the middle of a sentence. 

Some parents--lucky ones, smart ones--do get the hang of un-training themselves. In our house, we've gotten pretty good at saying, "Whining gets you nothing. Try something else." (Of course, the next request still uses whining's potent melody, so we also have to say, "Try again, and calm your voice down this time." Then, and only then, does the kid get rewarded. 

The much-loved father of this family seemed completely oblivious. And we do not feel we are in a situation where we could either step in or offer unasked for parenting advice. (Offering unasked for parenting advice is a little like offering to walk a mine-field blind-folded.) 

So we can only hope that the world will teach this lesson to this otherwise terrific child before said kid loses more friends than already reported. Sigh. 

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