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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Does Daddy Solo Make the Ultimate Sacrifice to Take Down Voldemort--I Mean, Snape. I Mean Snoke?

Kylo Ren
I'll bet you dollars to donuts that in the latest Star Wars movie, Daddy Solo's big boy Ben really does want to go to the side of the light (or the green, not the red, for those of you still into Christmas colors).

Our creepy young Ben has to prove his essential evil to adopted Papa Voldemort--oh, sorry, Snape. I mean, Snoke, who is already having some suspicions. ("I feel you battling your inner good guy/bad guy, ying/yang, green/red thing, Kylo Ren," Snoke intones in his magnified, best slimy bad-guy voice)

This means that Benjamin Solo has to prove to Snoke that he's truly evil. Otherwise, how can he infiltrate deeply enough to bring down the Galatic Empire--Oops, First Order. Sorry, they did legally process that formal name-change.

Thus Pop Solo, gives his baby boy permission to do the ultimate evil. "Yes, go-ahead, off me. I will be your sacrifice so you can take down the--what did they change their name to again?" And creepy Ben didn't even have to marry his mother and get blinded afterwards in order to fulfill the prophecy. At least not yet.

Oops, sorry, that's that other dad-murdering franchise, Greek Tragedy, and poor old Oedipus Rec.

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