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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Cranky Voters For Trump! (Inclusive Voters for the Other side.)

In my unofficial polling so far, I would say that cranky people are more likely to be voting for Trump. 

For instance: last weekend, at a suburban mall.

We went to buy some food (Japanese) and I spoke to the people ordering behind us. They were: a cranky old white guy--(Not him, but it might have been him) 

and a very soft-spoken Chinese-American grandmother--(Not her, but it might have been her.) 

Cranky white guy (CWG) snarled--"No, I'm not going to caucus. I'm voting for Trump." 

Very soft-spoken Chinese-American Grandmother (CAG) said, very softly, "I don't know. I will have to ask my children." 

As CWG stepped away, I said very softly to CAG that I could not support any of the Republicans this time, as they were all spouting hatred. Her eyes flicked to CAG and then she said, even more softly. "Yes. I know." 

When I stopped for gas last night, I spoke to a tired midwestern woman in sweats. (This isn't her, but it could be.) Though she seemed tired, and even irritable, it was clear from her face that she didn't live cranky. We talked about the weather--of course, we always have weather to talk about here. I asked about caucusing. She said she was going to caucus with the Republicans, because its closer to her house. 

I said, "I can't. I can't vote for hate mongers. I have to caucus democratic." She winced, so I said, "I'll have to hold my nose and vote. Vote for the practical candidate. The one who I think can get elected, and who isn't spewing hate." 

The woman sighed, and nodded. "Yeah," she said. I guess so. I'll have to drive further."

I never even mentioned my candidate's name. I didn't have to. She knew who I was talking about. 

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