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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Tudors, TV Series, and Tudor Noses

I must say, it can be irritating watching a TV series that pursues modern ideas of beauty, both male and female, when you're watching something about the Tudors. 
Katherine Howard  or Elizabeth Seymour? 

Because those people had noses. Long.  Arched. Pointed. 

Noses that are nothing like, say, Natalie Dormier's little retrousee number. 
Streisand would almost have fit right in. 

Most of the nobility intermarried, which might explain why so many have long, narrow faces. 
Anne Boleyn
Margaret Tudor, Henry VIII's sister.
And tiny mouths. (And long noses. And buggy eyes, as seen here on Henry's third beloved, Jane Seymour, who learned to withhold her virginity from her predecessor, Anne Boleyn.) 

Jane Seymour

A few women of that era might fit our notions of short-nosed, cat-faced beauty, but they are ladies in waiting, and therefore very, very young with noses not yet grown. 

Myself, I get a bit bored of seeing faces that are so much the same. Though, I suppose that might have been true back then--some of those ladies above look like twins. Or triplets. Style. It rules. 

I should be grateful we're not all tweezing our foreheads. How'd you 
like that one,  ladies--and gents? 

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