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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Is Romeo Ever Played For Comedy?

Is Romeo ever played for comedy? Seriously. I'm coaching a kid who is embarrassed about being on the stage, so he wants to play Romeo as Sean Connery playing a Russian Submarine Captain, (which means layering accent on accent.) 
  Or as a West Texas football star,

or  like Shakespeare's Richard III gone mad. (Remember poor Elliott from the Goodbye Girl, forced to play Richard--as the director says--"The King Who Wanted To Be Queen?") 

Assistant Director: Act one scene one…
Elliot Garfield: Uh, excuse me. Sorry. Just how far off the diving board do you want me to jump?
Mark: Well, don’t give me Bette Midler, but let’s not be afraid to be bold.
Elliot Garfield: Bold.
Mark: Bold.
Assistant Director: Act one, scene one, enter Richard Duke of Glochester.
Elliot Garfield: Now is the winter of our discontent… Sorry, one minute. Now is the winter…
Elliot Garfield: [Very effeminate] Now ith the winter of our dithcontent… may I have a 5 minute break please?
Mark: Five minutes.

Or Christopher Sieber as Shrek's villain, Lord Farquaad, only with a veddy, veddy, upper-class British accent. 

The kid I'm coaching can actually do all the accents required--including Sean Connery's Scottish-Russian and the disgustingly public school English villain.

He's just not confident enough to be himself on the stage. 
Somebody, anybody--Help!

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