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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Be Peaceful--For A Peaceful Man, Philando Castile

I am grateful for our city's forbearance so far, and fearful that people will snap. Phil was always so calm and mellow. We never saw him lose his temper, not in three years--and a lot of children in his cafeteria. We can work for change, in his name, and we can honor him by doing so peacefully. I do not believe he would ever want someone hurt--certainly not like his family has been hurt, like he was killed. Please honor his memory with peaceful protest. 

It is painful to me that people are slandering Philando, libeling his name. It hurts almost as much to see him reduced to a symbol. I ache for the children he would someday have and the wonderful parent he would have been. I pray that we will stay calm and fight as peaceful warriors for the change that Phil would have wanted us to make. 

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