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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Oh, God. Philando Castile murdered by police, while girlfriend videotapes and her four year old

You could not find a more soft-spoken, a more gentle, a more reliable, a better man then Philando Castile. And now, in an instant, he's dead. Because his skin is brown and he lives in America, where men and women can die because their car's headlight is busted. His mother, his sister, his brother, his clear-headed girlfriend--a heroine if ever there was one--her little girl, his nieces and nephews and the children he will never have, his uncles and aunts, his friends, his neighbors, his grandparents, his co-worker--another shining light of kindness--and all our teachers and staff, and all the children at his school, and all of their parents, all of us, now have a Phil-sized hole in our lives. Because an officer saw brown skin as danger and evil and didn't see Phil or his girlfriend at all. 

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