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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The First Thing Falcon Heights City Council Did After Philando Castile Was Murdered By Cop?

Buried deep, deep deep in today's Pioneer Press story about the Falcon Heights City Council: ( is this fact: the first thing the Falcon Height's city council did after Phil Castile's shooting was to hold an emergency meeting to hire a public relations firm. 

That's right, folks. A good man, a kind man, a young man--murdered, in a community whose police force statistics for racial profiling are off the charts 
and who does the lily white City Council of Falcon Heights marches into battle against? That demon, that evil--bad publicity. ( 

Mayor Peter Lindstrom, in the first article, brags that the administration decided not to hired a publicist after all. 

And as for Philando Castile, murdered for driving while black--Lindstrom is not okay with that. "I'm deeply upset and deeply hurt by what has happened in a community that I love and I am not OK with it," Lindstrom said. 

Whew. There is still hope for humanity. 

If I sound rage-filled, it's because I am. 

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