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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Andorra, Malta, Iceland, All Reading This Blog

This week, we discovered a quiz game online called Sporkle, and obsessively tried to fill in a map with all the countries of Europe within a seven minute limit.

Go ahead. Try it. I dare you. See if you remember how to spell Liechtenstein, and where Malta is, and which countries all the little Baltic states have become. Make sure to add the Papal States, Andorra, Belarus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Moldova and Macedonia. (They included Kosovo as a state, though I think it's still technically a region.) Warning: This map mostly likely will not help.

But we should have gotten Malta. We were just studying about Malta, from the Middle Ages, through the Crusades through its days as a British colony, and even some of it's ancient Jewish history. (Malta, being an island in the middle of the major waterway, has been conquered by just about everybody, and been a base for a lot more.)

The amazing thing is, people from all these places have read this blog. Even Malta. This is probably not a big deal, and people who have been blogging for longer probably have this happen all the time, but I, personally, am thrilled that Swedes, and Ukrainians, Monegasques and Moroccans, Estonians and Albanians have all clicked on something that led them here.

By the way, take the quiz and tell me how you do.

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