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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Howling With The Wolves--For Real

Yesterday, we braved wind chill well below zero to help fundraise for a wildlife science center. The lure was dog-sledding, and the event one we have attended before, which means I have gotten to dog-sled with my eight-month-old in a baby backpack, plus the year there was no snow, and they harnessed all the kids to a dogsled wagon and let them pull it all day long.

We got to hear a lot of insider gossip on the DNR, Congress, science and wolf biology, and also got to hear a fascinating lecture on Marbury V. Madison, the landmark Supreme Court Case (1804) that established that the courts always have judicial review over laws passed by Congress. (It seems Congress is attempting to remove wolves from the endangered species list and declare this law as beyond the purview of the courts.)

The snow was not so good this year, and the one of the lead dogs didn't like the dog behind her, so the sledder couldn't let us steer this year--a major disappointment. Also, our feet became completely frozen, so that they had to be thawed by hand in the education building, a long, slow process.

But later, as we toured the facility, with the sky dimming down, the wolves began to howl. I'm a singer and a damned good mimic. There is no way that I could not join in. I don't think they noticed. I don't think they cared if they did. But for me, standing there howling with wolves--even enclosed, rescued wolves in a scientific breeding program--turning my face to the sky and singing out musical howl after musical howl--that was worth everything, even the frozen feet.

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