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Thursday, February 25, 2016

As The Good Wife Winds Down--"Target." Nope, That Was Not Sexy

So, we know that The Good Wife is about to end. And although I was furious with Robert and Michelle King for the sloppy, lazy way they killed off a main character, I hung with the show--one of the few I have watched over time--because, damn, it has such incredibly good writing and acting. 

But this episode, for me, had a major squick factor in the way that Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Jason Crouse, her investigator, finally have sex. (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) 

See, the Alicia finally tells someone that she is worried she has a drinking problem. The person she chooses to tell is the wolfish, manly-man, perpetually smiling Jason, who, in an earlier episode, we were warned might be a sociopath, but who we have only seen displaying self-control and a pretty good grasp of ethics.

He is also a friend of hot-shot young lawyer come up from the bond court, Lucca Quinn (in a smart, funny performance by Cush Jumbo--fabulous name!) 

And he responds to Alicia's expressed concern about her drinking in a heartening way, by setting Alicia's bottle aside and helping her to meditate. 

Or so we think. Instead, it seems, he is just trying to relax her enough so he can seduce her. Eeuw. Squick, squick, squick. Let's agree with the French--never trust someone who smiles all the time.  The French think that someone who is smiling all the time when there is nothing to smile about is a hypocrite. 


I could write about the delight of seeing the brilliant Carrie Preston again; though her role sadly becomes more and more a caricature, still, Preston manages to imbue it with humanity, humor and, God help us, a bizarre sexuality. 

Although bizarre sexuality seems to be the order of the day around The Good Wife these days. (That supposedly erotic seduction scene really gave me the creeps.) 

Whatever happened to Diane's husband? (Speaking of healthier sexuality.) 

And where is Alicia's daughter when Mom is at the office screwing her investigator after 11 pm? 

Also--apropos of nothing--has anybody else noticed that Alicia always, every single time, is on top when she has sex? Doesn't she ever want some variety? 

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