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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Burn Notice: Evil Geniuses Seeking World Domination. A Very Large Club?

I'm hoping against hope that this is my last Burn Notice Post. As I chug through the last season, it occurs to me, I do not believe that there are this many Evil Geniuses in the World. Yes, I'm sure there are many folk who are evil, who would love to Dominate the World, even without wearing a dominatrix costume. But the problem with a TV series that thrives on paranoia theories about government agencies is they usually burn--pun intended--at least one Evil Genius a season, if not four or five. And after awhile, no matter how brilliant the character actors, all these dominating Evil Geniuses tend to bleed together, (pun intended) while the writing team begins to sound like conspiracy theorists who think Washington is run by ten-foot insects taking over people's bodies. (Though come to think of it, that might explain Trump's hair--isn't that what a ten-foot walking stick would think human hair looks like?)

Also, do they all have to work at forcing Michael Weston to psychoanalyze himself? Honestly, only Dead Larry, the brilliant Tim Matheson, stands out from the crowd.

Anyway, next time a series is putting out a casting call for Evil Geniuses, they should rethink their plot lines. I can't be the only person getting tired of this one.

A few Burn Notice Evil Geniuses, in no particular order: 

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