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Saturday, April 9, 2016

All Day Workshop on Grant and Residency Application Writing.

Whew. That was fabulous and exhausting. Notice the board is pink? We were all women. I thought they all had such interesting projects. I loved watching my classmates'  faces relaxing as we got to know one another and spoke about things that really matter in this world--things we were excited to be writing about. 

The teacher was funny and real and knowledgeable. (We, in class, got to see her whole face.) I learned a great deal that I'm too tired to summarize. 

Besides, I have dinner to get. 

But, I told the class I'm blogging every day, so I have to blog today, too, right? 

This woman is at a retreat at La Casa, in Andalusia, Spain. 

 This is at The Porches, in  Norwood, Virginia. Doesn't that look luscious? And I've talked to Trudy Hale, who runs it, with a voice like warm maple syrup. 

Sigh. No more dreaming about retreats or grants to get retreats. Back to work--kids, dinner and house tonight, and tomorrow, more of same. And then, I have to finish planning the grant before I can write up the proposal. 

Wish me luck. 

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