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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Our Puppet Elections

No, this is not a serious post. Just--Has anyone noticed how much our current candidates look like puppets? Ted Cruz--what a great puppet face. He even looks like Punch. 

Just give him a stick and he could chase after Muslims. 

Or his new running mate, Carly Fiorini. I know she's not made of sawdust, I know there's someone alive in there, but--don't those eyes look like they're made a glass? 

Bernie Sanders is a given, a living Muppet. You could practically make him out of a sock. 

And of course-- Goes without saying. 

The only one who doesn't look like a puppet is Clinton. I know people call her fake, a for-politics persona, 

But even when she's just looking at the camera, there's clearly a person there, not a puppet. There's someone inside those eyes. 

Okay, if we look hard, we could find her inner puppet. 

On with the show!

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