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Sunday, April 17, 2016

And Today, On Wall Street, Socks Are Up

"And Today, On Wall Street, Socks Are Up." 

I swear that's what I heard on the news the other day. It sent me into wishful thinking. What if, every day, the people--it's mostly men--on the New York stock exchange, stopped at the end of the day to raise and lower their socks as an indication of the market? 

So, instead of guys getting creepy shooting cameras up women's skirts, they'd be hiding in grates trying to catch a glimpse of the height of wall-streeters socks. 

They're be a bull market for men's hosiery. Colored socks might take over the New York men's fashion world, no longer outré, but traditional. 

And this scene from Down With Love would add a layer to its already layered satire, as the hero and his (clearly gay yet soon to be romantically entangled with a female) friend measure the length of the hero's socks--without mentioning the word socks--while Renee Zellweger's character reacts to the size of the measurements. 

Thanks, Vermeer

And when stocks are down. . .

(Courtesy of Johannes Vermeer)

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