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Friday, April 1, 2016

God, I Hope This Is The Last The Tudors' Post

Okay. I am done in. 

By the last episode, Henry Tudor looks like Abraham Lincoln in the wrong kind of hat.  Finally, we know we will not see him mash one last piece of fruit into his mouth (to illustrate his lustful nature.) His dead wives all visit him, haranguing him with, well, with what you'd expect them to harangue him with. 

The only one missing was poor Katherine Howard, wearing her white cap and carrying her head. I guess even the Tudors didn't stoop so low. 

By this time, there's nobody to really like anymore. We know Mary Tudor's going to start burning people as soon as she can. And Katherine Parr has become too terrified to be interesting.  

But that, I think, is the real fascination of a character like Henry VIII. Deep down, we all know him. We've all had a parent like him or a spouse or a boss. Someone who rules by terror, who likes to watch people hop, and who doesn't care whom he beheads. 

Heck, we're watching a few of them run as Henry VIII in our current presidential election. 

Oops. This one is running as a different demagogue. 


  1. I wonder about Henry VIII - Reading Titus Andronicus, I wonder if Lavinia represents Ann Boleyn...But I'd have to conduct research and there's no time!!! He amped up the whole "I'm over God" thing which I think King James took seriously.

  2. What a clever comment. All I remember about poor Lavinia is that she was one of many who met violent ends in bloody Titus Andronicus. I'll have to check it out. a